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I empower you to create a fulfilled life, 
releasing your blocks & transforming your energy 

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- Ricardo Bianchi - Panama

She fixed the mess and the problems that I had due to bad habits. She helped me organize my accounts in the United States and Panama. The process was done through various sessions.   What I invested in this program was 100% worth it. I would do it again a thousand times. 
It also helped me save a lot of money. So I wholeheartedly recommend working with Alessandra.  

What I invested in this program 
was 100% worth it.  
I would do it again a thousand times.

vicky mendoza, peru/south florida

"I would like everyone to be able to experience a breathwork session with Alessandra. She is a connected, present, magical woman. My experience when I have breathed with her is pure consciousness and bringing myself to the present moment. To here and now, which is crucial for the current times". 

 "...She is a connected, present, magical woman"

- Yuselin Acevedo, spain -

It has been an amazing experience to the meditation and breathwork sessions with Alessandra. Through Alessandra´s guidance I connected with my inner child and it was magical. That allowed me to make the decision to follow my dreams and I taking steps every day to get closer to manifesting it, while enjoying the process. I was able to see how my ego was limiting me and was getting me stuck. After the session I have been able to fully love and accept myself. I am infinitely grateful that Alessandra is in my life.

"After the session I have been able to fully love and accept myself"

- Dulce Jimenez, south florida, usa -

I am one of the blessed ones that have participated in breathwork with Alessandra. I can testify that Alessandra has a gift. She transmits peace, love and she creates a safe space. I feel comfortable to surrender, to let myself go during the experience. Alessandra supposed me during a time that I was really affect due to energies that were in my surroundings.
 She did a meditation with me where I could take that energy out of my body. It was incredible! We did it through the phone. It was a healing meditation to clear my energies. I could not believe that was possible at a distance and Alessandra made it possible. So if you don´t know what is breathwork and you are curious I invite you to join one of her classes. They are special! She is special! She is a gift!

"She transmits peace, love and she creates a safe space..."

- Cris Lituma (Ecuador)-

I have been part of the wonderful experience that Alessandra creates with breathwork. Breathing with her has been magical. It has allowed me to go beyond my limits with this simple exercise and I know that I will also support you, so I invite you to join this community of powerful men and women who are committed to create new possibilities.

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Your session will be fully customized, based on your intention and the area that you would like to work on:

Common topics and Intentions:

  • Conscious Breathing
  • Anxiety & Stress Management
  • Finding root cause programs and transforming them
  • Romantic relationships
  • Career & life purpose
  • Inner Child

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